Did you know that over 23 million breached accounts used ‘123456’ as password?

An analysis of the 100,000 most-commonly re-occurring breached passwords confirms that ‘123456’ is the undisputed king of atrocious passwords.

The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has found that 23.2 million user accounts worldwide were “secured” with ‘123456’.

Source: NCSC



World Password Day, today May 2nd, represents the best opportunity to remind  you of some good practices regarding passwords.


  • Use paraphrases
  • Combine uppercase and lower case + symbols + numbers
  • Use password with longer than 13 characters
  • Enable 2FA (two-factor authentiaction) whenever it is possible
  • Use password managers like Lastpass, 1Password, Keepass, etc…
  • Use different password for each account


  • Use common passwords like “password” or “querty” or “123456”, etc…
  • Use your First or Last name
  • Use your pet’s name
  • Use the same password for all your accounts
  • Backup your passwords in plain text
  • Share your password with anyone

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